Client Success Stories

“My boyfriend and I are middle aged, starting over, with each other. But we were having difficulty understanding where the other was coming from and communicating effectively…at our age, let’s just say, past marriages, relationships, and experiences left some baggage next to both of us. We were having a hard time…arguing a lot.

The love and desire to be together were there for both of us but we were coming from different places, on different timelines, and we just didn’t know how to make ‘us’ work. ONE session with Kimberley, and we began to see each other more clearly.  

Kimberley put us at ease, gave us the confidence - maybe permission - to talk about things in a meaningful way. She helped us open up. By being an impartial and insightful 3rd party, she was able to listen to each of us, reflect our thoughts and feelings in a way we both felt was true to our intentions, and in a way that was actually heard, considered, and understood by the other. Suddenly, this effective communication and listening lead to deeper, powerful conversation where we both felt heard, respected, and loved by each other. We learned so much, it was literally eye and heart opening.

Now, we understand our needs as a couple and individually better, our communication has become more open and effective, and we are happier on a deeper more profound level than we thought possible. Investing the time proved to be the best decision we have made so far. The most amazing thing was Kimberley’s sincere interest in helping us. She focused on the reasons we were there…Whether we needed only one session, or multiple sessions, the decision was and remains entirely up to us, and on our timeline. Her goal was simple, help us help ourselves. And she did.  

While we don’t feel we need to keep regular appointments with Kimberley, it is great to know she is always their if one or both of us needs a tune up, has a question, or wants to talk to her about something completely different… Though it has been quite a while since our visit, the understanding and skills learned are just as effective today as they were on day one.

And for any men reading this, on occasion, out of the blue, mine will still smile and say, “Remember when we met with Kimberley? It was worth every penny. I love you, baby!” Practically speaking, he felt like we both got what we went for and loved that we were not pushed into multiple sessions…unless we wanted them.”

I absolutely recommend Kimberley Bell,…Kimberley, if you are reading this, thank you!!!” 

~ Kelly M.
“Originally, myself and my girlfriend at the time were seeking some relationship counseling. I was nervous to meet with Kim and hear what her perspective of things would be. After we had gone through a few sessions of couples counseling I continued to see Kim individually for help with myself.

Before I went to see Kim, I was an unsure and insecure person. I didn’t have much direction and felt like I had lost myself. Now I am much for confident in my decision making. I feel like I am a much more secure person with myself and no longer seek validation from outside influences.

Although my relationship had ended, we were able to stay in touch and remain friends. This is something I have never been able to do in any other relationship I’ve been in before. I’ve grown emotionally and mentally to the point that I value the time spent with my former girlfriend and what the relationship taught me. It helps me to look back on the relationship as a whole with a positive attitude.

Now I am more focused on my happiness and growth both in my life and my career. Kim helped me to realize that I shouldn’t base my happiness off somebody else and instead learn to be happy with myself. I’ve been able to overcome quite a few obstacles over the last two years and I can thank Kim for helping me along the way more than anyone else.

Kim was always blunt and honest but had a delicate approach to sensitive subjects. I felt comfortable speaking with Kim after our first session together. She genuinely cares and it shows. Thank you for everything, Kim.”

~ Geoff Plonski
“Amazing transformation” is close to how I felt after working with Kim. She was able to take what felt like an impossibly big blockage in my life and help me make it dissipate like sand in a stream. Kim was able to help me find ways to be more easy about myself, and her empathy and compassion made the work feel easy. I highly recommend Kim no matter what size or kind of issues you struggle with; she will help you find a way to make your life feel better.”

~ Amy M

“Highly recommended!! My meeting with Kimberley had a lasting positive effect. I had initially wanted to seek help with a stressful work conflict situation. In addition I learned to trust my own intuition and make choices with more confidence. I feel less worried and stronger – not because the job situation magically went away but because I learned to face my own truth and feel power in that. I also feel that as I shifted my attitude I attracted more opportunities to my life. The meeting was similar to a counseling session but a very energized, healing one because she taught me to find my own truth and personal power, which feels amazing! I’m taking better care of myself and thinking clearly about my job situation instead of just stressing. I would highly recommend her work. She pointed me in the right direction and I’m so grateful for that.”

~ Karen
“I was so blessed to have met Kimberley in the summer of 2017. I did counseling for over 10 years and things would work for a few months and then I would spiral backwards. After just one session with Kimberley I was finally able to understand who I was and how to make changes that would stick with me permanently. My life has changed for the better and I am finally living my life with intention and a new perspective. Kimberley is so flexible and took the time to help me grow at the pace I needed to grow. I have highly recommend her to my family and friends. Take a chance on YOU and Kimberley and book a session!”

~ Christina Z.
“I highly recommend Kim! At first I felt a little nervous, but Kim quickly made me feel comfortable.  
After our meeting, I started seeing things in a much more positive light. My stress is gone! I love the helpful tools that Kim gave me and use them everyday. I can’t thank her enough and I highly recommend her! Kim is a true healer. I feel blessed to have worked with Kim, she is a wonderful coach. Thanks to her, I am now following my Bliss!”

~ Katia L.
“Don’t go to therapy again! I have been to couples therapy and individual psychologists throughout my divorce, but none left a lasting impression like Kimberley Bell!!!

I have never met anyone like Kimberley who has the ability to get to the root issue, and actually help me address it so effectively. She is not just a coach! She has an innate ability to empathize with me and guide me to a calm and balanced place. Most situations we worked on were alleviated by just a simple shift in my own thought patterns. Kimberley brings me to those “aha” moments every time we work together. We don’t need recurring appointments either. Kimberley is all about helping give me the power to make changes in my own life. Just one session can be transforming!

And talk about an amazing transformation! As a Robbins-Madanes trained coach, she has deep knowledge and experience helping individuals and couples too. I know she helped me take my relationship to the next level; deeper, more open and honest than I have ever been.

Check her website and make an appointment. You will be amazed.”

~ Bill A.

Speaking Engagements

“Kim came to give a talk as part of our fitness facility’s wellness challenge. In just an hour she was able to help so many in our audience to find more stable footing in life. There was a palpable shift in people’s perspective that was amazing to watch. Many of the women went from feeling out of touch with themselves, to feeling connected to self and to the others in the room. If there is one thing I know, Kim is a healer. She has the empathy and abilities to facilitate deep healing and to hold space for those going through life struggle. If you are lost and need help finding your way, Kim is THE place to start. She will help you recognize and own your truth along with all your beautiful strengths. I am honored to know her!”

~ Leah Cottle 
“As president of the Westborough Women’s Club, I was able to hear feedback from many of our members regarding Kimberley’s speaking presentation to our club at the first meeting via ZOOM in September 2021. This response pretty much sums up the positive impression that Kimberley made:

After many months of not being able to meet due to Covid restrictions, the Westborough Women’s Club met virtually in September of 2020 with Kimberley Bell as our guest speaker. Kimberley was the perfect fit for the job as she assured us, as a group, that stress and anxiety are normal emotions. Her talk was able to give many of our members a feeling of validation over the uncertainty that many were experiencing. Most importantly, Kimberley passed on her wisdom in regards to using tools and strategies to help us all process and cope with our individual situations. As a speaker for our group, Kimberley was just the right balance of an open mind and a caring heart.

Thank you, Kimberley!”
Alison Giamarco and Reene Hatherley 
Westborough Women’s Club
Empowered Parenting: Building Loving Relationships
Westborough Public Library

Welcome, I’m Kimberley

I am Kimberley Bell, a Love Warrior who is here to awaken humanity to unconditional Love. I am a passionate mentor who shows people how to love themselves and others in their lives, unconditionally. I offer a loving and judgement free sacred space, where clients can discover how to heal in their lives and in their relationships (wounding related to family, relationships, etc.). 

I specialize in helping couples break-free from disempowering and codependent patterns based in ‘unconscious conditioning.’ I assist both partners in shifting their focus away from each other, and into themselves. This begins a path of self responsibility, which leads them to ultimate peace, freedom and a deeply fulfilling life/relationship. 

I share this via personal coaching, publication, podcast, social media, courses, and products. Thank you for visiting my page, and if my work resonates with you, please feel free to connect with me here. 

I look forward to hearing from you! :)
“It is difficult to admit you are hurt, disappointed, or unhappy in life. My journey towards connecting with my authentic self was by reading and feeling what Kimberley Bell shared in Empowering YOU. This short guide is filled with wisdom and inspiration to become a stronger, happier person. Kim takes you on a journey from discovering where your confusion or anger lies, to how you can find that “authentic place and happiness”. Removed from the pretentiousness of most life-coaches who are either overly spiritual/unrealistic and lengthy. Kimberley Bell’s journey is remarkable and inspiring.

In my life, I never felt confident in any decision I made because so much was at stake! I was plagued with the expectations of an extremely traditional Chinese heritage that gave me little freedom. That feeling of having absolutely zero control consumed me. Kim’s advice helped me realize how much I was suffering over my family’s projections, as if it were true. I realized how unfair that was to me.

Kimberley challenges her readers with facing their troubles and then she assists them with her guidance! A must read for anyone who feels disconnected from themselves, directionless or frustrated in their life. Her affirmations and advice gave me the inner strength I needed to begin my own journey towards self-empowerment!”

~ Jessica
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